– standard software for traceability and quality management is a solution for real-time Material Tracking & Tracing (MTT) and Product Quality Management (PQM) of products. It appeals to the need of the food industry and the regulations imposed by authorities concerning increased food safety throughout the complete supply chain. shows the path and quality of a product through all the intermediate steps of your production process.

Thanks to the unrivalled flexibility of the toolkit, is configured to reflect your unique business requirements as well as to adopt changing system or process requirements.

Risk Management
  • Assure manufacturers’ liability
  • Ensure recall management
  • Meet food safety requirements of your clients
  • Meet food safety requirements of legal authorities
  • Reduce insurance contributions.
Added Value
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Improve product quality
  • Boost overall process efficiency
  • Increase profits.
Ready to go
  • Short implementation time
  • Fast learning curve
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Scaleable solution.
Reflect your business model
Software geared to your business requirements
  • Process stages represent your production steps (blue) in which product lots are uniquely identified.
  • Only your input parameters per process stage.
  • Set your quality control(s) for process stages. Only your quality parameters to register results.
  • Other tables for secondary data & functionality.
  • Personalised forms for data entry.
  • Personalised grids for data consultation.
Traceability & food safety
  • Life-cycle and history of product lots
  • Trace back to origin or forward to destination
  • Real-time quality data per product lot
  • Compare values to your quality standards online.
Personalised forms with link to process equipment

Lot genealogy shows lot history through process flow
Integrated with external systems
  • Data exchange through standard OPC protocol
  • Identification, registration and measuring devices
  • Communicate with MES, SCADA systems and PLCs
  • Bi-directional data exchange: capture real-time data or control production steps based on live data
  • Link with your ERP system or other data sources.
Statistics & reporting

  • Customised MS Office reporting
  • Design & print your personal quality reports
  • Export to Excel, HTML, XML and ASCII
  • Create charts
  • Include your own database queries.
Create your own reports in MS Excel
  • EU 178/2002
  • KB 14/11/2003
  • ISO 22000
  • BRC-3
  • IFS
  • EAN
  • SSCC
  • RFID
System integration
  • Control systems (PLC)
  • Identification & measuring devices
  • ERP, MES, SCADA systems
  • Printing equipment
  • RF tag readers / writers
  • Barcode & label applicators
  • Third-party data sources.