Every business is unique
  • The production process
  • The type of processing environment (discrete, batch, continuous or hybrid – see graphic below)
  • Degree of automation / system integration
Every business has its own interests

Every business has its own interests as to why traceability is required:

  • Higher or lower business risks
  • Comply with stringent quality standards
  • Perceptions of traceability ROI (comply, improve quality, less reworks, audit & production reporting)
  • Meet multiple retailer demands simultaneously
Traceability business model

Integrations are based on a personalised business model for open, flexible implementations of traceability that reflects the requirements of the process. The solution is moulded in accordance with the production process, discrete, batch, continuous or a combination of those:

Analysis of projects can be done using the modelling tool. Business logic, relationships and solution framework are generated on-the-fly.

Integrated quality assurance

Quality controls are included in accordance with process and product requirements. Continuous lot quality monitoring and validation! Assess quality of units and batches based on requirements of multiple customers.

Bottom-up MES approach (OPC)

The roots of you.integreat.it lie in industrial automation of shopfloor equipment and installations. Focus on bi-directional, real-time connectivity with process equipment through industrial standards like OPC. Use live data to control subsequent process operations!

Data exchange with ERP systems

As a true MES solution, you.integreat.it allows for flawless data exchange with various ERP systems. Extend ERP systems with MTT & PQM information in complex production environments with huge amounts of process data.

Short learning curve

Development environment is integrator-friendly. Approach is based on Microsoft’s Visual Studio environment.


Integrations can be performed step by step. Future process adaptations or additional software requirements can be easily reflected in the business model. The solution is updated accordingly in no time.