Laboratory Information Management System is an application to streamline laboratory business processes
A tool that supports different aspects of the operational management in a laboratory and permits to save data in a smooth way. This is a unique base for reporting and data interpretation. is based on the platform by Tracewise. It allows you to model all specific company processes and needs according to your needs. The system can always be adapted to the customer’s way  of working.

Inventory and archiving

  • Personnel
  • Products
  • Equipment
  • Sampling
  • Analysis
  • Inspection certificates


  • Reception of samples

What is their origin? Which customer has delivered them? What analysis have to be executed? What are the control samples?

  • Do we have to link them to external analysis?
  • Analysis

What reagentia have to be used? What samples were processed? What are the results? Do we have to test according to a specific standardization? Etc.

  • Planning

When do we have to execute specific tests?

  • Storage of results

In addition to internal data, stock, test results,… all kinds of external documents, inspection reports, Microsoft Word documents, PDF-documents can be linked at all levels.

  • Processing and reporting of results
  • Trending: Do results meet the expected results? Evolutionary values: How do the values evolve over time?


Inventory management

By creating reception lots for all incoming products (reagentia, samples,…) there’s always an up-to-date stock available. Each delivery gets a unique barcode that allows you to track down the origin of all products. Scanning barcodes makes it possible to check whether or not you are working FIFO.

Quality control

Quality controls and analysis can be added at every process level.
Customer and supplier management.
Most CRM-data can also be managed using


Tracewise developped a system that permits you to register analysis data to achieve a complete traceability in a easy way.


Linking different devices lets you read in real-time measurement data. Using barcodes reduces the number of human errors.


Using makes it possible to compose the most diverse configurations to connect as closely as possible to any laboratory environment.