If you need a personalised traceability and quality management solution integrated into your existing environment, Tracewise provides the best fit between your needs and the solution you’re looking for.

Integration may include real-time data exchange with your printers, labelling, barcoding, RFID and packing equipment, even PLCs, but also with ERP system databases.

Thanks to our flexible modelling environment, we seamlessly integrate tailor-made traceability and product quality management in any sort of production environment (discrete, batch, continuous or a combination).

Bimsoft nv

Bimsoft is a company focusing on the food industry and is your specialized partner for remunerative automation solutions in your daily activities, for more than 10 years!

The standard software package You.trace.it, initially aimed at guaranteeing traceability of end-products and raw materials, has been expanded with functionalities to follow up product quality, food safety, organizing and making activities on the work floor profitable.

A better yield for raw materials and end-products, a better and guaranteed quality, assured food safety and traceability are a few of the most remarkable results of which over 100 customers testify.


Bimsoft is happy to take the challenge.

Contact Bimsoft completely free for an exploratory conversation. Together we will find out how you can get advantages from our expertise.